ATA Purchasing is in the Logistics Branch of the Resource Provisioning Department of ATA.  ATA Purchasing buys materials and services in support of AEDC operations that are generally under $25,000 in value.  However, on occasion, requirements exceeding $25,000 are waived by the Air Force to ATA for processing.  The estimated purchasing activity is about 40,000 line items annually valued between $30 - $40 million.


In performance of the ATA contract at AEDC, our purchasing group utilizes best commercial practices and maintains a Government-approved purchasing system.  Major purchase categories include:  industrial supplies, computer and computer-related equipment, valves and accessories, instrumentation, electronics, metal plate and sheet, piping and piping components, office supplies, hardware/software maintenance services, and machine/fabrication services.


ATA Purchasing has established many long-term subcontracts for the provision of key products and services used in support of AEDC operations.  Product/services covered under these long-term subcontracts include:  industrial supplies, office supplies, hardware/software maintenance, machining/fabrication, and automotive supplies.


ATA Purchasing consists of multiple sections.  The Micro-Purchases Group handles all commodities ranging in value up to $3,000.  The Negotiated Purchases Group handles all commodities ranging in value between $3,000 - $25,000.  The Subcontracts Group handles on-site requirements, annual maintenance agreements, service agreements, and any requirement waived to ATA by the Air Force.  The Inventory/Repairables Group is responsible for maintaining and replenishing all the inventory warehoused on base.  This inventory includes approximately 15,000 items consisting mainly of facility spares and replacement components for AEDC assets.


ATA Purchasing does not have Buyers dedicated to specific commodities.  Instead, requirements are assigned on a rotation basis.  Consequently, any one of our Buyers can process any commodity, depending on the dollar value.





Vendors desiring to do business with ATA should complete a Vendor Application and submit it to the ATA Purchasing Department. Vendors should call (931) 454-7033 or (931) 454-7511 for submittal instructions. Completed applications are reviewed and applicable information entered into a database within the Purchasing Department.  This database stores all the vendor application data and categorizes ATA's vendors by commodity/service type.  All Buyers in the department utilize this database when identifying potential sources and when assimilating bid lists for requirements sent out for bid.   

ATA issues purchase orders for a majority of the goods and services that are procured.  A purchase order is a unilateral offer to buy and is signed by the appropriate ATA Buyer.  Almost everything ATA purchases is considered a commercial item and each purchase order contains ATA's Terms and Conditions for Commercial Items that vendors must accept in order to do business with ATA.


When on-site purchase orders are awarded, an additional document entitled Section GC – General Conditions is also incorporated into the purchase order.


Occasionally ATA purchases non-commercial items.  Non-commercial items are defined as construction and/or land, ground improvements, utility systems, buildings, other structures (real property), and any cost-reimbursement type agreement, including time-and-material and labor-hour services.  For these agreements, ATA utilizes Terms and Conditions for Non-Commercial Items.


Occasionally, and depending on the complexity of the item or service being procured, ATA issues a subcontract, which is a bi-lateral agreement signed by both ATA and the successful bidder.  Subcontracts contain different terms and conditions than purchase orders.  An example of a subcontract follows:  Link to Model Subcontract




ATA has an automated system for rating their suppliers.  This rating system is comprised of two components:  on-time delivery and quality compliance.  Details of ATA's Vendor Rating System are as follows:  Link to Vendor Rating System




There are times when specific quality requirements are assigned to an item being purchased.  In these instances, a Quality Note is applied to the item and this note is incorporated in the Request for Quotation/Request for Proposal and Purchase Order/Subcontract.  The various quality notes are as follows:  Link to Quality Notes




There are certain types of work performed on-site at AEDC that are subject to either the Davis-Bacon Act or the Service Contract Act.


For jobs in which the Davis-Bacon Act apply, the vendor performing work shall be required to:  1) post the applicable wage rates at the job site throughout the duration of the project; 2) submit certified payrolls to the ATA Buyer detailing the wages paid.  In addition, the ATA Buyer or their designee will visit the job site and will interview vendor employees to ensure they are being paid the wage rate specified in the Davis-Bacon Act.


For jobs in which the Service Contract Act apply, wage rates do not have to be posted and certified payrolls are not required to be submitted to ATA.  However, vendors are required to pay, as a minimum, the wage rates specified in the Service Contract Act.


Wage determinations for both acts are attached.


                     Link to Davis-Bacon Act                        Link to Service Contract Act





ATA recognizes that many vendors do business with the Air Force and other Government agencies.  Although we do not have small business set-asides, we meet and exceed aggressive goals for awards to small and small disadvantaged businesses (SDB's) as part of our Small Business Subcontracting Plan under our Air Force contract.  As part of ATA's policy to maximize business opportunities to small and SDB's, ATA measures and reports our total dollars awarded to small and SDB's.  In addition, ATA Purchasing tracks total small/SDB solicitations to help ensure maximum opportunities to these business types.





As a prime contractor to the U. S. Air Force, ATA is subject only to those Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) clauses incorporated in our prime contract.  In contrast, Air Force Procurement (PKP) must comply fully with the FAR.  Some key differences between the two entities include:


1)      Bid Advertisements – ATA is not required to advertise their requirements and instead utilizes established vendors or vendors that have been located as a result of researching a particular product or service.


2)      Freedom of Information Act – As a private contractor, ATA is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.  Consequently, it is against our policy to reveal any bid or award information.  By adhering to this policy, ATA believes that it preserves the integrity of our procurement system by encouraging bidder’s to propose their best price each time they compete for a good or service.





ATA's ship-to address is:  1476 N. Hap Arnold Drive, Arnold AFB, TN 37389-8000 unless otherwise specified.


Delivery hours:  Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. –  2:00 p.m. (Central) except holidays.  Contact Jeff Foster for questions.


The purchase order should always be referenced on packing lists, invoices, and any other documentation.





ATA's bill-to address is:  100 Kindel Drive, Suite A-239, Arnold AFB, TN 37389-1239.


ATA Finance may be contacted at (931) 454-4394 or (931) 454-6796.  Their fax number is:  (931) 454-3433.





ATA does not utilize credit or impact cards.  Instead, purchase orders and subcontracts are issued for all goods and services purchased.





ATA is exempt from Tennessee Sales and Use Tax under Rule 68(d) -Registration No. 104054864.  Federal Excise Taxes, which apply, must be itemized on invoices.  A link to ATA's tax exempt certificate follows:


Link to ATA’s Tax Exempt Certificate




Vendors performing on-site work are required to attend a safety briefing prior to work commencement.  In addition, various AEDC Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Standards could be incorporated into the purchase order/subcontract, depending on the type of work being done. 

A link to these various Safety and Health Standards follows:


Link to AEDC SHE Standards





ATA Purchasing supports the AEDC Green Procurement Program through a program to promote procurement of recovered/recycled materials.  Under this program, ATA has identified several different categories of “green” items purchased/used at AEDC that fall under the EPA’s Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG).  These items are flagged to ATA vendors and language included in the item description denoting them as green in Requests for Quotations.  Vendors receiving Requests for Quotations from ATA for “green” items should quote both green (if available) and non-green items. 





Questions may be directed to Jeff Foster, Purchasing Manager, at (931) 454-7511.